Erstmals verwendet in Episode 4:

Door unlocking with keys by Lightnessko

Door, Front, Opening, A.wav by InspectorJ

Bag of Chips.wav by Lutana

Chewing Cookies by DSPena

Ambience, Seaside Waves, Close, A.wav by InspectorJ

Sand walk.WAV by DasDeer

Dream Sound Effect – Whole Tone Scale by Unicornaphobist

Clock Ticking by florianreichelt

Slaps by vckhaze

Steps_on_Carpet_Quick.wav by Ferguido

Pencil Drawing on Paper by rylandbrooks

rustling paper.wav by keweldog

Knocking on Door by Fabrizio84

Touchscreen keyboard by bassboybg

Rain on Windows, Interior, B.wav by InspectorJ

Short Rain Loop by dmk67

wet sand.wav by squashy555

Walking on wet gravel.mp3 by CGEffex

Forest rain.wav by Metzik

Sortuminen, talo sortuu / Big crash, a house tumbling down, collapse, mix by YleArkisto

Zombie Demon Scream by Wakerone

Hitting Metal.wav by APallot