Audio-Credits Staffel 1

Silence in the forest by 13F_Panska_Petruzelova_Anna

Water, Pouring, A.wav by InspectorJ

Hitting in a Face by florianreichelt

Punching-004.wav by kretopi

punch 8.aif by CastIronCarousel

Punch_02.wav by thefsoundman

Footsteps_In_Water.wav by Krisboruff

Chewing, Carrot, A.wav by InspectorJ

20170501_night.long.take.flac by dobroide

cassette tape deck open, close, rewind, clicks.aif by kyles

Fenster putzen by mwirth

Shuffling cards 02.WAV by VKProduktion

Ambience, Night Wildlife, A.wav by InspectorJ

TummyGrumble02.wav by Otakua

Dealing Card by f4ngy

Spooky Ambiance #1 by KRISTIANKULTA

Tomato Squish.wav by kristinhamby

Monkey Imitation 2 by AntumDeluge

Monkey screaming.wav by Archeos

imitating-monkeys.wav by Radio_fragola_gorizia

Puff of Smoke by Natty23