Audio-Credits Staffel 1

Erstmals verwendet in Episode 6:

The cat’s meow by Counter-gamer

tearing paper4.wav by keweldog

Whoosh by qubodup

put to table a dish by sityu

small-forest-stream-in-mountains-surround-sound-rear by craftcrest

Bing!.wav by reelworldstudio

Clothes Movements Foley by leonelmail

TummyGrumble02.wav by Otakua

TummyGrumble08.wav by Otakua

Flames Crackling.wav by thatBelle

Lying on bed by avakas

Cloth Rustle 3.wav by sunnyflower

Pillow hit impact by jhamelatejome

handling furniture.wav by RolleAndersson

Cutlery Silverware by dersuperanton

dish washer.wav by aerror

Breaking Dish_1.aif by rebeat

Footsteps_Wood_02.wav by IPaddeh

Flushing Toilet by Ryntjie

Door Open Close by amholma

Tomato Squish.wav by kristinhamby

Body falling to floor 6 by JakLocke

Open umbrella.wav by Hawkeye_Sprout

PullOutGun.aif by bennychico11

Autumn Forest Wind by Akacie

Large hydraulic door by nooly

dooropen1.wav by Sergenious

dooropen2.wav by Sergenious

Locking door.wav by arnaud coutancier